The Corvair Spyder body was the same as the Monza Coupe or Convertibleone. Only minor trim variations has been added to the appearance of the car but still added and overall sporty and performance look.

spyder 216 x 266


The Spyder received the Spyder emblem under the monza one on both sides. So when the car is zooming by you can clearly destinguish the Spyder from a monza coupe. I guess the sound of the engine is an additional clue.










turboEmblem (422 x 281)


  At the back the turbocharged emblem has been added to the boot underneath the 'Corvair' letters. 









Instruments 422 x 281


 The instruments are the main differences between the Spyder and a Monza Coupe / Convertible.Including the aforementioned engine gauges, it also featured a 120-MPH speedometer with trip odometer and a 6,000-RPM tachometer. The look gave the instrument cluster a more sporty and performance feel.